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During a blackout, FiOS customers without a battery, household generator, or other type of backup power system will lose their landline voice service, including access to emergency Read our generator buying guide. New FiOS business customers will continue to receive a free battery, at least for the time being. Verizon joins other carriers, including Time Warner, Cablevision, CenturyLink, and, most recently, Comcast and Cox Communications, in requiring new customers who want a backup battery to pay extra for it. Telecommunications company RCN said it too will continue to provide free backup batteries, as well as replacing worn-out batteries at no charge. Copper lines carry not only the communications signal but also the electricity needed to operate a standard corded phone, even during a blackout, a capability fiber-optic cables lack. The more than 5. The battery provides up to eight hours of standby time, less if phones are used to make or receive calls. Dworsky is a member of the Verizon Consumer Advisory Board. The Federal Communications Commission requires telecommunications companies to provide emergency access to digital landline phone users, but it does not mandate that they provide a way to keep phones operating during power outages, when access may be needed the most.

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I am very cheap though, and do not want to pay for in my opinion expensive Internet service through cable or satellite providers. I have read about using software and a cable that allows you to connect a cell phone to the computer, then dial up any ISP. I currently get about 45 Kbps with my dial-up, and I have read that anywhere from 50 Kbps to Kbps should be available with a GSM phone.

Jul 18,  · Thinking of getting one of the Comcast packages with their phone service. Now have 3 phones (extensions) hooked up to Verizon now. The phones are all wired together, in parallel, in the basement. If we go with Comcast, do we have to have new Comcast wiring to each hook up the Comcast phone adapter to any of your phone jacks, and it’s done.

I don’t use my cellphone nearly enough to justify paying a really high bill every month. I like being able to check my email account and access the Internet while I’m in a waiting room or laundromat, but I don’t think those features are worth what I have to pay for them. If cities start installing free hotspots, I’d probably get rid of my landline entirely. But I remember when a hardwired landline was all we had in the house, and we planned our day around any important phone call that might happen.

You can do all the stuff with your cell phone which can be done by land lines, and there are even more things you can do by cell phone. My landline costs nowhere near that amount! We have lived without this particular technology for this long, I don’t foresee us needing to rely on it in the near future, either. There is not one conversation that needs to be had that can’t wait until someone gets home, for instance my husband, from work. Not to mention, I’m disabled. I don’t need a cell phone as I’m at home all the time.

I cannot go out by myself. I rely on my husband. We are together when we go out, so there is not a need for a cell phone.

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By pairing your mobile phone to one of these easy-to-use systems, you can make and receive cellular calls with your home’s strongest cellular signal and high-quality sound. Need to charge your mobile phone in another room? Calls ring on all handsets, so you can make and receive cellular calls even when your cell is across the house. Product Review – Makobi Scribe Read complete review Leverage your best signal Take advantage of your home’s strongest cellular signal.

Urs Fischer Contemplates The Meaning Of Art And Life In His Red Hook Studio; Verizon hangs up on landline customers in Brooklyn. Verizon hangs up on landline customers in Brooklyn.

Go How do I connect my fax machine to work with my phone service? Your fax machine can be plugged directly into a wall phone jack or into the telephone connection at the back of your phone modem, or MTA Multimedia Terminal Adapter. To install your fax machine directly from the wall phone jack: Plug in the fax machine. Connect one phone line from the wall phone jack to the port on the fax machine labeled Line. Connect a second phone line from the port on the fax machine labeled Ext or Tel to the phone.

To connect your fax machine directly to your MTA: If you have one phone line, use the port for Line 1. If you have two lines, use the port for Line 1 or Line 2, depending on your preference. On the left is a two-conductor phone line, and on the right is a four-conductor phone line. Make sure that you are using a two-conductor phone line. Different fax machines may have different names for telephone ports.

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Provides up to 3. It is either on or off. The device is nice enough looking; clean and simple lines. The backside of the device allows for up to two phones to be connected.

The Network Interface Device (NID) is a phone company installed device that connects your inside wiring to the telephone network. It is a gray box outside your house, probably mounted near the .

At first I thought it was one of the all-in-one devices being used as fax that was causing problems. But even after addressing that problem the issue has persisted. Then a week ago the landline went off permanently, internet and TV still work so it is not a service wide issue. A Verizon technician came over and thought it was the security system at fault.

However, after calling the security systems technician they determined it was not and in fact because of the outage the security system has not been working correctly. Every call for a technician since has been pushed back because of a backlog and that most of their folks are on holiday. Is there any way to expedite this issue?

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How to Activate a Verizon Phone Before activating a new Verizon Wireless cell phone, it is important that you backup your phone numbers. By making the switch from an older phone to a newer one, you’ll lose access to the older one. Therefore, transfer your numbers either by bringing it into a Verizon Wireless store or use the Backup Assistant.

After Verizon sets up the ethernet output, connect the ethernet cable from the ONT to the WAN port on the new router. Connect a client (e.g., laptop, phone, etc) to a LAN port (or wireless) on the new router.

Apr 24, , There is a distance limitation. Pre-qualifying usually eliminates that. The condition of the wiring cannot be guaranteed. Apartments may create an unusual problem because you may not easily have access to the NID – which is a troubleshooting tool. Dial tone is one thing, DSL is another. You can have either or both. With the DSL modem on and DSL service turned on and no filters installed you will hear static in the background which will go away when the modem is turned off.

You must use a filter for telephone device. You can plug an answering machine and phone into the same filter. There can only be a maximum of 5 filters per line, otherwise a DSL splitter must be used.

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It’s actually a cell phone transceiver with unlimited nationwide calls. Your regular telephone device plugs into it and you have a dial tone. There are 2 jacks on the back. I have our kitchen phone plugged into one jack.

Xfinity Voice is a digital phone service known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It takes your phone service online to give you the best call clarity and advanced features, and requires an Internet connection.

Public interest groups and consumers have accused Verizon of letting copper networks deteriorate and using their degraded status to push fiber upgrades. Verizon cut investment in its wireline business—it had 80, wireline employees as of June 30, , down from 84, in , 88, in , and 93, in The FCC hasn’t taken any action in response. I invited him in to see that it was not.

He worked on it for a couple of hours inside the house and finally got it working without a strong hum, pops, and hisses. Keys uses FiOS for Internet and TV, but also has three traditional landlines on the copper network, in part because he runs a small computer consulting business and provides phone support to customers from his home. Everyone else switched to the cable company or FiOS.

At the beginning of my block, a tree fell on the lines, and this is interesting, it took out the electricity, it took out cable TV, it took out FiOS, but it did not bring down the copper cable. No one there knew anything about what happened,” he said. This shift could come with a loss of consumer protection rules such as price caps and “carrier of last resort” obligations to provide wireline phone service to anyone who asks for it.

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While also, keeping their DLS intact. Thank you for you input. Phone is not working more then working and now DLS thru phone line is acting up whenever phone does work. Has anyone made a switch to a cell phone while keeping the same land line phone number. We would just keep DLS. OH we do not get cable where we live.

The BasicTalk Box™ is easy to set up, it’s small and it’s portable. Just connect your BasicTalk Box™ to your Wi-Fi router and your touch-tone phone. An easy to follow installation guide is included with the BasicTalk Box™ package.

You can log in to your account, make a payment, schedule future payments, add a line and more. If you are having trouble with your Verizon phone or account, you can contact customer service from the main website as well. Customer Service Email There are three customer service contact forms depending on the reason you need to contact customer service. We have contacted the customer service department to find out if a customer service email address is available for customers who desire to contact customer service without visiting the main website.

At first, there was an automated response. Before choosing any other options, we had to identify whether we were Verizon customers or not. It gave us more options about different phone plans. We pushed 0, and we were directed to a representative. It took approximately two minutes for a representative to answer.

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