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Turtle Beach posts list of all Xbox One-compatible headsets

Introduction The new consoles have been around for almost a year, and for headsets, that means one big thing, the very first models built specifically for the PS4 and Xbox One are trickling out. That’s not to say that existing headsets, like last year’s models, ignored the new consoles, but the extra time means a lot in terms of refinement. With Turtle Beach, there is a whole lineup of new models for both consoles being rolled out, and some of these models feature new surround tech in the form of DTS Headphone:

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With 50mm diameter speakers with neodymium magnets and Dolby 5. Eliminate all sounds and enjoy complete silence with the Sonic Silencers that allow you to remove ambient noise pickup on your mic and get rid of background noise from Xbox LIVE chat. With dual-pairing Bluetooth wireless chat, you’ll be able to command your squad over Xbox LIVE, answer phone calls or listen to streaming music while gaming. Hear the voices of other players through the excitement as the Dynamic Chat Boost automatically increases the chat volume as the game volume gets louder.

With unmatched audio quality, sonic control, an arsenal of comfort and convenience features and an Xbox specific design, this headset gives you the competitive advantage you need in the world of online gaming.

ASTRO A40 2013 Audio System Review

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best headset with surround sound for x1

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We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. It’s one thing to be able to hear what’s going on in the game you’re playing. They elevate your user experience from a passive act to something much more meaningful. We never accept manufacturer samples. Rather, we go out and buy products ourselves. We put them through their paces in the BestReviews lab, evaluating them for quality, durability, and all other applicable characteristics.

So what do you get when you buy a gaming headset? Essentially, you get a pair of gaming headphones, a microphone, a mixer, and an audio interface. In this shopping guide, we discuss what to look for in a gaming headset, including component quality, features, and battery life. Stay Connected Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox.

Types of connectivity Wireless A wireless headset gives you the freedom to move. And wireless headsets are more likely to be compatible with your existing devices; there are no cable pins to match. Remember, though, that Bluetooth is not universal, and some devices still might not work with your wireless headset. On the downside, our consumer research suggests that sound quality can be compromised when you use a wireless headset.

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The specs are as follows. Any “k” series is fully unlockable right? But with this configuration what can I expect to overclock it at? And I could use some suggestions on monitors as well. Will I need a watt PS for this build or can I go to watt? Is all the watts I get or do i lose a percentage of this in the transfer of power to all components?

The EAR FORCE Recon 60P connects to the PS4 and PS3 consoles via USB to deliver amplified sound, and features a detachable mm jack for connecting (not amplified) to the PS Vita, PC, Mac, mobile/tablet devices and Xbox One controllers.

Share Save Listen up, soldier. Engadget HQ was dismayed when lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley — along with his skull balaclava and mondo communications headset — saw an arguably unjust demise in Modern Warfare 2. That being said, if he could play the upcoming installment we’d bet it’d be with one of the four limited edition offerings from Turtle Beach and Activision.

The headsets all sport the same night vision-esque design, but offer varying specialties. All of the gear will be available in October along with “bonus content,” which gives you time to set aside extra funds for the game’s November 8th release. You’ll find photo-based intel below and more details in the PR past the break. The headsets will be available with compatibility across Xbox , PlayStation 3 and PC; with multiple feature sets, special packages with bonus content, and price points to ensure that no player is left behind.

The top-of-the-line EFD headset comes packaged in a specially-themed carrying case and is pre-loaded with unique custom Modern Warfare 3 presets and voice prompts. With eight amplified, acoustically-angled speakers delivering discrete surround sound, this tournament-grade, Modern Warfare 3 optimized wired headset is the perfect choice for competitive PC gamers. For Modern Warfare 3 players seeking effortless cross-platform performance, the EFF provides gamers with high-fidelity amplified audio along with several key features to set it apart.

How To Set Up A Gaming Headset On XBOX ONE – Astro A40 – Astro A50 – Turtle Beach

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Featuring exclusive Call of Duty: The EFD’s fully-programmable Digital Signal Processor DSP allows you to enhance and personalise the entire audio experience with fully customisable game, chat and mic signals. Custom MW3 presets can be selected while gaming to hone in on enemy footsteps, amplify bone-rattling explosions and hear every shell casing hit the floor — all while calling the shots in immersive degree Dolby surround sound. Bluetooth technology puts you in command: The EFD is the ultimate “secret weapon” for serious gamers seeking unmatched audio quality and immersion, sonic control and a competitive advantage.

MW3 Limited Edition Exclusives: You are done, now just wait for that email saying you have won.


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beringer ベルリンガー ディスクローター aeronal disc (エアロナルディスク) ステンレスローター カラー:シルバー t-max() t-max [xp]() ラクマとメルカリの違いを比較!手数料だけで判断してはいけない理由!!

Hurren on 28 November Review of Turtle Beach XP s for use on Xbox Before I get into this review, I must confess that I love gadgets with loads of options and new technology, so whereas I liked the X41s I had previously, the fact they only had one bass button and weren’t totally wireless disappointed me a little. First impressions I was very pleased to discover that the X s came in an actual box rather than a vacuum packed plastic container which you have to open with industrial scissors.

A small detail, I know, but immediately you feel that more thought has been put into these than the X41s. When you open the box you discover that the base transmitter is identical in design to the X41’s unit, albeit being black, not white. The headphones themselves however are noticeably different. The cups are smaller than the X41s and oval in shape, not circular.

This shape is a better fit on the ear and the cups are definitely better made than the X41s with straight stitching on the leather and a battery compartment which doesn’t feel like it’ll break every time you open or close it. Hopefully this will mean that the battery life is longer, however rotating 4 rechargeable batteries will still be necessary.

Part of me was disappointed that the XP s weren’t rechargeable themselves, however the reason they have done this is clear.

Aiwa CD Player Manuals

To get the most from your XP , please take a few minutes to review this introduction. The Bluetooth can also be paired to your mobile phone and digital music player. This means you can use your XP to listen to your favorite music and accept phone calls all while totally immersed in the action of the game. The result is an immersive sound environment that makes you feel as if you’re right in the middle of the action.

It also helps you react quicker by hearing exactly where the sound cues in the game are coming from.

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In fact, since it accepts the traditional 3. The Tactic3D Omega is a high-end specialist headphone designed specifically for gaming. Therefore, it comes with a noise-cancelling boom microphone and supports in-game voice chat functions on every platform — Xbox , PS3 and PC. To sum up, the main features of the Tactic3D Omega are its wireless capability, cross-platform support and a removable microphone.

So what are its competitors? A few competitors come into the picture when the budget is raised slightly. In fact, they’re more important than the device actually playing

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I was blown away at it, such a fittingly wonderful presentation for a remarkable piece of gear. After opening the box, I was greeted by the audio system, where I actually stood for a few minutes and looked at it, seeing it in the flesh was quite a different experience to having just seen photographs of it on the ASTRO website. This open, circumaural dynamic headset is framed with dull black matte plastic, whilst the sliders for the earcups is a chrome painted plastic.

I would be totally intimidated if I saw the entire opposing team were using ASTROs at a tournament, they give off a very professional gamer vibe. This is a headset for people who take their gaming seriously. The headset connects to the MixAmp through a 2M 3. In the past two weeks that I have had the A40 system I have spent hours either gaming, watching movies or critiquing music.

I have been able to easily achieve 10 hours without head or neck fatigue thanks to the headband pressure being 2. The A40 audio system 3. This also allows you to replace the cable at a later date which increases the longevity of your product, and of course use a longer cable too if desired; if you have a faulty cable for whatever reason within your warranty, just send the cable back and ASTRO will ship you a brand new replacement.

Adjusting the headset fit your head is easy but at first I found it odd. Just a little different than what I have seen in most headsets.

Turtle Beach XL1 setup on pc guide