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Entertainment Laguna Beach, 10 Years Later: The Real Orange County in July Ten years ago today, on Sept. Laguna Beach, however, remains — at least according to the cast — a pretty accurate record of a group of classmates surviving the angst of high school. Neither show took off with the same gusto or found a love triangle as supported as the one between Conrad, Colletti, and Cavallari. Instead, reality TV evolved into a study in the ridiculous and the over-the-top. Series were secretly scripted by producers. The days of innocent Cabo bar-top dancing were over. So what happened to that scrappy group of teens from the small coastal town? They dominated the airwaves before social media was even a factor, and while some went on to fashion lines, hit TV shows, best-selling novels, and rose-colored Instagram filters, most of the cast now leads relatively normal lives.

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Jun 24, , 1: Click through to read about a few of them. The pair were more or less together for three seasons, until Eric Northman came between them.

Step Up 3D () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Once again someone has mysteriously called Perez Hilton and had him post another insane and completely false rumor about me. Hmmmmmm… I wonder who it could be? I really wish I could figure out who would do this. Who is someone that I do not get along with, that possibly has too much time on his hands between pathetically staged paparazzi shots , that has a relationship with Perez…?

No one comes to mind. If anyone can figure it out can you please let me know because I am truly stumped. This accusation is insulting on so many levels. Do they think I was swept away by his wonderful manners and his commitment to my friend? I love it when guys burp in my face. I have been there for Audrina for years of ups and downs with this guy.

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Early life[ edit ] Rickards was born and raised in British Columbia. Her mother is Dr. Diane Greig, a dream psychotherapist in Vancouver, BC. She graduated from high school early and attended the Vancouver Film School , completing the Acting Essentials Program. After completing the program, she attended an open call audition, which gained her an agent.

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Style , he admits he never actually hooked up with the year-old fashion entrepreneur. I would say [it’s] improv. They gave us a situation, and Lauren’s a dear friend of mine, and it was pretty funny trying to live that reality of you know, you read the magazines and they’re like, ‘Brody and Lauren! Literally, we would film a scene of us kissing and being in this lovey-dovey scene, and then right after it’d be like, ‘Cut!

I didn’t hook up with Audrina. I didn’t hook up with any of those girls, and then you get all these people saying, ‘Oh he’s a man whore, he sleeps with all these girls,’ when in actuality I didn’t do that. I want people to hate me. He creates all that drama. But then it all caught up to him. He would drive down the street and people would throw things at him, and yell things at him, and that’s when he bought all the guns and became paranoid and all that, but he’s good now.

The former Princes of Malibu star’s candid admission is of course not the first time Hills has been outed as a fake reality show. The show itself alluded to it during its series finale, when the camera panned to reveal a Hollywood set.

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In , he earned a master’s degree in national security studies from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Foster as a surface warfare officer in the Pacific Fleet , and afterwards stateside as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon. The failure of the mission marked a turning point in his political world-view from largely apolitical to strongly Reaganite , which was further reinforced by the September 11 attacks. I became a huge Reagan admirer.

But what turned me against the whole establishment was coming back from running companies in Asia in and seeing that Bush had fucked up as badly as Carter. The whole country was a disaster.

I’ll let EP Ryan Murphy explain: “[The idea] came up in a funny way. We had a dinner at the Chateau Marmont a couple of weeks ago celebrating the success of the show, and Lauren came with.

Brooke, having achieved a high grade on a calculus test by cheating , agrees to tutor Chase, who initially has no idea of how Brooke really achieved this grade. They go on a date and begin seeing each other. When he finds out that Brooke cheated on the test he forgives her after a short break and they begin a relationship. Later on, Brooke and Chase attend a party at Nathan’s mom’s house. It is revealed that Nathan and Brooke filmed a sex tape.

He then visits Brooke while she is setting up for prom, and tells her that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. Brooke and Chase enjoy the graduation party. However Brooke tells him it’s over now as she doesn’t want to go to prom with someone who doesn’t want to be with her. After while, Chase later bumps into Brooke at school. Knowing about her and Peyton’s attack by Ian Banks , he seems interested in reconciling. He no longer wears his Clean Teens T-shirt.

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More on those things in a minute, because Mer got her groove back with the last person we expected. After a long day of tricky surgeries and destroying Amelia for taking over Derek’s life more on that in a minute, too , Meredith was about to head home, until she encountered Riggs in the parking lot. He told her he hoped she started to feel better.

The latest Tweets from Lauren (@led). Formerly known as LaurenTVEA (used to write/edit for TV Ever After).

Can you live down the more embarrassing on-air fights, thrown drinks and teary breakups, witnessed and recapped by thousands? She and Lauren, the pink-haired voice of reason among the volatile cast, adorably fell in love at The Dinah. Fairy tale endings all around! What did you learn from the experience? You learn at an incredibly accelerated pace about yourself. I think it made me mature faster, and it made me realize what I wanted and what was important to me at a faster rate.

And, yeah, I would probably still be the same person that I am today, but the show just expedited the process. Watching myself played back is a hard thing to do. It was very hard for me at first, in the beginning of the process, to open up and be myself on camera—I had to learn how to be OK with being vulnerable.

I felt like I was vilified on the show, but I kind of grew a tough layer and was able to defend against what was said about me and still hold my head up high and face the world, so to speak. When I watch it back, I can see myself being a bitch to Whitney. It was challenging, for sure, because it was all put out there. So, on one hand it was good because we knew all the shit that was going on—but on the other hand, it caused distrust.

‘The Hills’ recap: Lauren + Justin Bobby = Best Episode Yet!

By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage. Even Lieutenant Paul Vance, head of the Connecticut State Troopers, admits that much information surrounding the crime is being withheld. But there also some issues that we need to keep the cards close to the chest.

Did The Walking Dead’s new boss just let slip that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) won’t die? Talking about season 9, Angela Kang has dropped a massive hint that she believes “there’s more story with.

And all I’m asking you for is the chance to show that. She was replaced by Alex Blake , who held the position until her own departure at the end of Season Nine. The position was then taken over by Kate Callahan for the duration of Season Ten before her own departure. She rejoined the team in Season Twelve and was then promoted to Unit Chief following the resignation of Aaron Hotchner. Contents [ show ] Background Due to her mother’s diplomatic background, Prentiss traveled a lot when she was a child, living in several middle eastern countries and at one point in Rome.

In ” Demonology “, she reveals that from wanting to fit in, she became pregnant as a teenager in Rome. When she went to talk to her priest, he said that if she got an abortion, she would not be welcome in the church. Her friend Matthew Benton encouraged her to go to an abortion clinic, and after the abortion, he helped her find the courage to come back to church. In her first appearance, she recognizes Hotch from one of his first commands: Her arrival surprises both Hotch and Gideon , as neither of them had signed off on the transfer.

Prentiss insists her parents have not pulled strings for her. Ultimately, she joins the team at the end of ” The Last Word ” on a probationary basis as a replacement for Agent Elle Greenaway. She is a graduate of Yale and has been working for the FBI for a little under ten years, primarily in the Midwest. Due to spending her early life with her parents on diplomatic missions to the Middle East, she speaks fluent Arabic and is familiar with that area’s local culture.

Lauren Graham Reveals Which of Rory’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ Boyfriends She’d Hook Up With!

Ashley — you could walk to the beach which is probably like 8 feet from you. The next morning, Kyle fires up the margarita machine for a serious chat: The rule is quite simple:

Sep 23,  · Neither has she yukked it up with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel or other late-night TV hosts. Few first ladies have been more prepared for their close-ups than Melania Trump.

It really is quite simple. Everyone is smart except Donald J. Only Trump does not know what he is doing. Only Trump does not know how to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. Anderson Cooper knows how to stand up to Putin. All the journalists do. But — oh, wow! Only Trump is incapable of negotiating with the Russian tyrant. The Seedier Media never have negotiated life and death, not corporate life and death, and not human life and death.

They go to a college, are told by peers that they are smart, get some good grades, proceed to a graduate degree in journalism, and get hired as analysts. Now they are experts, ready to take on Putin and the Iranian Ayatollahs at age That is not the road to expertise in tough dealing. The alternate road is that, along the way, maybe you get forced into some street fights.

Sometimes the other guy wins, and sometimes you beat the intestines out of him.

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How considerate is that? LC always thinks about the smart shit. Remember when I used to be the smart one?

Emily Bett Rickards (born July 24, ) is a Canadian actress. She is known for portraying Felicity Smoak on The CW television series Arrow as well as its spinoff series The Flash, Vixen, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

Is there a detective in it? Bonus points if the protagonist is a woman. And the cherry on top is if the author is British or Scandinavian or Irish. That said, Gone Girl is one of my favorite books of all time, so if you feel the same, you’ll probably love my other picks. Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list – I’ve only included books I can vouch for aka that I’ve read – but here are all the modern mysteries guaranteed to keep you up all night. If you’ve ever been to an awful bachelorette party, then you’ll be able to commiserate with the heroine in Ware’s novel.

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